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nicole + nick :: in love in park city.

main street, usa.

nothing makes me happier than being able to photograph the people i love, especially ones that are in love!

nicole is one of my very best friends and favorite people in the world — she’s exuberant, hilarious, brilliant, and a fabulous cook — did i mention she’s hilarious? we share the same sense of humor and appreciation for the ridiculous and i miss her being part of my life every day!  im sad that we live so far away from each other now, but i love visiting her in park city, utah. as fabulous as sundance + snow are, i was thrilled to see park city in autumn — perfection! and in all the years ive known nicole i have never seen her happier or more beautiful than she is right now. i was so excited to snap some quick shots of her and her boyfriend nick on main street — they are such a fun couple and truly bring out the best in each other, which makes me so happy.


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kelly + sam :: engaged!

backstage pass.

sam + kelly :: engaged! :: university of maryland, college park.

i was absolutely thrilled when kelly wrote to tell me she + sam were engaged — he popped the question just weeks after kristi + jon’s awesome wedding where kelly was a bridesmaid! even more awesome, kelly is kristi’s younger sister — so fun! kelly + kristi (like most sisters) are similar in some ways, but very different in others. they are both gorgeous blondes and totally in love, with incredible, positive energy. however, while kristi + jon are total hams in front of the camera, kelly + sam are much more mellow (dare i say, camera shy?) — in fact, when i went back to look for pics of them at kristi + jon’s wedding i only had one photo of sam from the entire night! it was great to see them again, and i loved getting to know them better during our session.

they met and fell in love a few years ago while attending the university of maryland — they worked together at the performing arts center (which is how they first met) and so we started our session in the theatre. it was very cool to have all access to such a unique spot, and with so much meaning! from there we ran all over campus, chasing the sun and visiting some of their favorite spots — the mall + fountain, the sun dial, jim henson’s statue, the famed bronze testudo, and even a topiary version of the beloved mascot. it was a gorgeous summer evening and i’m so very excited for this fabulous couple!

a huge congrats to kelly + sam — enjoy!


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rachel + scott :: married!

at long last love.

rachel + scott :: married! the tabard inn – washington, dc.

two weeks ago, in the presence of their closest family + friends, rachel + scott pledged their love with poetic vows on the patio of the quaint + beautiful tabard inn, in downtown dc.

rachel + scott are easily one of the most delightful couples i’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. i loved them from the moment i met them last summer for their engagement session and have been anticipating their wedding ever since!

seeing his bride for the first time scott’s lip quivered and rachel absolutely shone as she walked down the aisle. i was entranced by the energy between them, and while i’ve been know to get emotional quite often, i was struck by how powerfully i connected with their ceremony…there were amazing readings by their attendants, and rachel delivered a poem that she wrote, entitled “i do” to scott. tears streamed down my face as she spoke – it was absolutely the most eloquent and beautiful expression of true and understanding love i’ve ever heard. i remain completely captivated by the way this young couple expressed their love and appreciation for each other – to me, they are beyond inspiring.

inside the inn, cocktails, conversation + laughter followed, and after dinner there were heartfelt + hilarious toasts, and rachel’s uncle bestowed a buddhist blessing upon the newlyweds. one of scott’s best friends played a song for rachel + scott on his guitar, to the delight and awe of all the guests. champagne flowed and dancing ensued, making it the perfect mix of reflective reverie and all out celebration!

cheers to rachel + scott! enjoy!


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quiet romance.

and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

rin-rin + jon dancing alone at the end of their reception. the most romantic photograph i’ve ever taken.

life excites me. people fascinate me. love delights me.

at the end of a beautiful & intimate wedding in november 2008, i captured one of my favorite images and the most romantic moment. after a final portrait beneath the colorful chinese lanterns spilling from the ceiling of the tent, i glanced back to find these newlyweds in the same spot, standing very close together. i saw that they were swaying ever so slightly to the music that drifted from inside the house, where family was busy saying their goodbyes to the remaining few guest, and staff bustled about clearing tables and stacking chairs.

i was transfixed – in awe of this perfect moment, aware that i was watching something very intimate, and amazed at their complete oblivion to everything happening around them. rin-rin + jon continued to dance just like that until the end of the song, when he pulled her even closer and kissed her and i snapped this photograph. i will never forget how lucky i felt to have witnessed such quiet romance.

more than anything i hope that rin-rin + jon dance like this for the rest of their lives, and i hope that everyone discovers a love that sends them over the moon.

happy valentine’s day.



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jessi + joe: married! {vegas style}

viva las vegas!

jessi + joe :: married in *fabulous* las vegas, nevada!

it was just last month that my little sister jessi called me full of excitement – she + joe decided to get married! they made the decision swiftly and without hesitation, and booked flights to vegas for a spontaneous, exciting elopement! technically, i supposed they didn’t really elope after all, since about 15 of their family + friends flew out to celebrate the *cutest* couple of all time. and of course i couldn’t wait to document this absolutely fabulous affair!

their only concern was actually getting married to each other – and they left all the details + logistics in my hands. although i’m familiar with vegas and well versed in weddings, planning even a tiny wedding was a new challenge for me. regardless, within a week we had the chapel, the dress, a suit, and plans for a small dinner reception at wolfgang puck’s postrio in the venetian.

aside from seeing my sister marry the man of her dreams, one of the highlights of the weekend was certainly the AMAZING shoot in the neon graveyard the day they flew into town – a fantastic way to capture their love and kick off the festivities! over the next few days we celebrated jessi + joe in true vegas fashion – with unrestricted excitement, love and energy. it was perfect in every way and of course i was so happy to be able to photograph it all for them!

cheers to jessi + joe! CONGRATS!

*i love you more than anything in the world little sister and i am SO thrilled to finally have a brother!! and for once, what happens in vegas doesn’t just stay in vegas!*



they were spontaneously serenaded and everyone applauded them in the lobby at the venetian!



























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