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lusungu + jason :: married!

in love in lamu.

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya
lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya.

kipungani is a secluded, remote area of lamu island located on the southwest side, and separated from the mainland by a peaceful, mangrove lined bay. the beach is an endless stretch of white sand, speckled with palm trees and strewn with delicate sand dollars, facing out onto the indian ocean. traversing the 15 miles from either of the two main settlements on the island, lamu town or shela village, takes approximately 3 hours on foot, 1.5 hours by dhow (sail boat) or 25 minutes by speedboat.

for lu + jason’s wedding, guests flew in from nairobi and landed on the manda airstrip, just across the channel from lamu island, and traveled by speedboat to kizingoni beach. kipungani is a very small village, and kizingoni beach is a collection of privately owned, stunning swahili houses, with a full staff to accomodate guests and arrange meals, activities and excursions, as well as plan events + weddings.

guests flew in from all over the world to spend the week exploring the island with lusungu + jason — sailing, snorkeling, and soaking up swahili traditions. there were sumptuous swahili style meals, trips to lamu town, manda toto and the takwa ruins, a sunset dhow cruise, and even a henna ceremony for the ladies! lamu is simply a fantastic destination and an incredible setting for a wedding celebration! lu + jason absolutely love lamu, and it’s easy to see why…

having been in shela for the three preceding weeks, i jumped on a speedboat and joined the wedding party on the tuesday before the wedding. i loved being part of the week’s festivites and spending time getting to know lu + jason’s family + friends. i’m not sure i’ve ever encountered such a diverse, talented and truly brilliant group of people in one place before! it was a fascinating mix of international journalists, teachers, artists, UN workers, and authors…in fact, jason *just* published his book Dancing with Monsters — which details the political, social, and moral issues of the Congo, and is being hailed as an “impressively controlled account of the devastating Congo war.” incredible!

the wedding ceremony took place on the afternoon of november 27th at the mary mother of jesus catholic church in lamu town — followed by a brief stop in shela village for portraits, and back to kipungani by speedboat for a beach ceremony at sunset. following a series of wonderful speeches, poems, an even a song written by one of their good friends, guests reveled in a bonfire on the beach, dinner by candlelight, and dancing under the stars.

lusungu + jason :: CONGRATS! or more appropriately, in swahili, HONGERA! i adore you both and will cherish the memories of your wedding celebration always.


lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya

lusungu + jason :: married! lamu island, kenya



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kathy + ulisses :: married!

kathy y ulisess, hecho en mexico.

kathy + ulisses :: married! tlaxcala, mexico.

a few weeks ago i traveled to the small town of tlaxcala, mexico to document kathy + ulisses’ wedding celebration. the international guest list included over 400 family + friends who reveled in the week’s festivities — singing, dancing, and downing tequila like locals. from touring the pyramids to petting the tequila donkey to balloon bashing + line dancing to “achy breaky heart” en espanol, it was unlike anything ive ever seen!

kathy + ulisses live in chicago (where i recently did their engagement session)  but chose to get married in ulisses’ hometown of tlaxcala, where he not only grew up, but where both his father + grandfather once served as mayor of the town. tlaxcala is vibrant and colorful, located in the center of the country with a mountainous landscape and cool, crisp weather. the catholic ceremony took place at the stunning san francisco cathedral in town, and the reception was at the restaurante la fabrica in the hotel la trinidad.

the combination of traditions — mexican drama meets american flair — made for an exciting, emotional, and totally thrilling day. i loved ulisses’ charro suit + huge sombrero, and was amazed by kathy’s gorgeous handmade gown + lacy veil — woohoo mama quinlan! it was a fabulously authentic celebration — kathy + ulisses are such an amazing couple and so loved by everyone, and i feel very, very lucky to call them friends and to have been witness to this very unique wedding.

kathy + ulisses — CONGRATS! y muchos felicidades! TE AMO!

and now, boda de mexico, en tres partes — enjoy!

:: mexico ::

:: la fiesta ::

:: wedding day ::

shots with the groom! three amigo style.


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meghan + jim :: married!

charm city lovefest!

meghan + jim :: married! baltimore, maryland.

i believe that being asked to photograph any wedding is a privilege, but it is undeniably special to capture that day for a fellow photographer. while many of my clients are artists, meghan is a wedding photographer (in addition to a brilliant lawyer) and the fact that she chose me to be part of her celebration filled me with honor + excitement — she traded her camera for a bouquet and trusted me to document her wedding — i was absolutely flattered and, to be honest, a little flustered all at once!

i met meghan + jim in the fall of 2009 for a lifestyle session (the original ‘charm city lovefest’ even before they were engaged) and i instantly loved everything about this couple. they were so happy and relaxed, such a wonderful complement to one another. as we’ve become friends, i realize that that’s what makes them so special — that they are simply + profoundly happy together. and while that might seem like a given for all couples, i have found that is truly a rare and wonderful thing to behold. i love nothing more than being in the presence of people who are happy, people who love freely and openly, people who take nothing for granted. and if i were to describe meghan + jim’s love in just one word, that word would be genuine. sheer joy radiates from this couple, filling the space in between, and spilling out onto everyone that they love and that loves them. when i look at the photo above that’s the first thing i see — the love in the space between them.

meghan + jim :: congrats! all my love to you both!


* * * * *

ceremony :: govans presbyterian church

reception :: george peabody library

dj :: the one + only, incredible, ninja-tastic, breakdancing dan huynh

caterer :: chef’s expressions

florist :: crimson + clover

videographer :: christina keane

makeup artist :: nichole hesenperger


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snapshot :: love in lamu.

lusungu + jason ::  married! lamu island, kenya.


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kristen + bill :: married!

virginia is for lovers.

kristen + bill are married!

they chose the gorgeous hillsborough vineyards as the setting for their summer wedding, a balmy august afternoon ceremony overlooking the blue ridge mountains, followed by dancing under the stars! it was stunning in every way — classic, romantic, and intimate, the vineyard was a true reflection of kristen + bill, and the ideal backdrop for such a lovely celebration. they are an absolutely amazing couple with an undeniable energy and magnetic charm. i completely fell in love with both of them from the moment we met and i simply adored the way they looked at each other — so blissfully happy!

it was truly a privilege to watch their day unfold, capturing all the wonderful love + laughter they shared with family + friends. just thinking back on the day brings a smile to my face, and i am so happy for kristen + bill!



the beautiful + talented monika vasey delighted guests at the ceremony with her harp!

kristen took a few moments to call her grandmother, who wasn’t able to attend the wedding.

i *loved* this couple — married just shy of 50 yrs! — whose love + laughter was inspiring!


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susan + jim: married!

susan + jim = bliss.

susan + jim :: married! park hyatt — washington, dc

susan + jim are married!

i absolutely *love* this couple! i was so very excited to see them — they live in detroit so i hadn’t seen them in over a year! i’ve been looking forward to their wedding all season for so many reasons — first of all, they are awesome, totally in love, and a super cool couple. susan + jim both have great energy and i connected strongly with them the moment we met. jim designs cars (how sweet is that?) and they both have a great appreciation for art + design, so they focused on lots of unique + personal details an i knew it was going to be gorgeous! also, photography was very important to them and i was honored that they chose me to document their day! they also chose one of my favorite dj’s of all time — the incredible ninja-tastic, breakdancing dan huynh — who completely rocked the party like no other!

and in fact, the entire day was wonderful — from the pre-wedding excitement to the very last dance, i was completely captivated by susan + jim’s classy and charismatic aura. they seemed to completely float through the day, receiving the love and well wishes from family + friends who were so happy to celebrate with them. there wasn’t a moment when i didn’t feel incredibly privileged to be capturing the love at this wedding — and the crazy dance party that followed was pretty awesome too! i have to say my jaw literally dropped when i entered the ballroom at the park hyatt before the reception — it was beyond stunning. the colors, the lights, the unreal centerpieces — brilliant.

susan + jim :: simply put, you rock. i loved being part of your day — your wedding was outstanding! i hope your alaskan honeymoon was perfect + amazing — we have to compare stories when i get back from vancouver island! XO!


LOVE this next one!

…and because every groom needs a secret service entourage…


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