8 responses to “adel + max: engaged!

  1. Pam Foley

    These are absolutely beautiful! Great photos! Congrats from the Foley family!

  2. Love it! Love the sun flare, love the second pic, love the color. Great!

  3. Deb Lavoice

    Thank U so much for sharing these great moments! What a wonderful idea!
    Love you both,
    Aunt Deb

  4. Liz Frogameni

    I am so happy to be part of your lives. Your eyes and your smiles tell the whole story.
    Love you
    Auntie Liz

  5. Karen Carlock-Koch

    Adel I am so happy for you and Max. Did you set a date yet? These pictures truly show the loved shared between you both. I love you, Never forget that.
    Aunt Karen

  6. Stacey and Steve

    Love them. You both look gorgeous! Love you both.

  7. Grandpa and Grandma D

    Love to see Love in bloom. Great shots of great people. Cannot wait to see you live in August. Expect a package from us soon.

  8. First… Blond Photo girl… awesome pics… can’t say enough how they capture the perfect couple.

    Cuz Adel… I am so happy for you!

    Max… I know I am sounding like uncle bob but… what took so long dude! LOL ;)

    Congrat to the both of you and I look forward to the wedding and beyond.

    Cousin Tom, Jude, Thomas, Tyler and Boomer (da dawg)

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