annie + marty: engagement photos.

the baltimore skyline.

another fantastic engagement shoot in baltimore! i had so much fun with annie + marty – what a great couple! and annie! i *love* her!! she has incredible energy and an exuberant personality, and it was simply  wonderful to photograph her! her bubbly emails always make me so happy i was really looking forward to spending more time with her and marty. their awesome beach wedding is just a short month away and i couldn’t be more excited. she is going to be such a beautiful, happy bride and i just know their reception is going to be a blast – can’t wait!! 







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11 responses to “annie + marty: engagement photos.

  1. mama

    love the first pic! what a shot…really love them all!

  2. Cef

    Right on mama. First one could be a postcard!

  3. Annie and Marty

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! They turned out AWESOME….I can only imagine how the beach pictures will turn out!! Jaime you are an amazing photographer….I am SOOO glad I found you!! xoxo

  4. Jaime,

    Cool photos, blondie!
    I just shot a wedding at the Visionary Arts Museum this past weekend. Super-cool place.


  5. Stephanie

    AAAAAAAmazin!!! LOVE THEM!!

  6. kseidlphoto

    cute cute!

  7. Denise


    That first shot needs to be put on a magazine cover. Great stuff.

  8. jessi

    i love these.

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  10. where is that o say can you see building. that’s just awesome. my friend told me about your site. very nice work.

  11. Gillian

    Where do you find these amazing back drops? Baltimore seems prettier through your lense.

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