dogs! blonde photo style.

snapshot :: dogs across america.

yuri — shiba inu puppy, 6 months.

over the last few weeks i’ve photographed so many dogs — from the east coast to the west and back again! i absolutely love capturing great images of animals, especially when they have such sweet personalities!


:: sammy ::

:: taj ::

:: dottie ::

:: clarkson ::

:: watson ::

:: cicero ::



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11 responses to “dogs! blonde photo style.

  1. mamasita

    i vote for that sammy dog! he is the cutest one!

  2. Sean

    Loooove this post Jaime! What adorable models!!

  3. Lara

    They are all so adorable, but the boxer makes me feel so sad. My beautiful boxer passed away last week, and Dottie just reminds me so much of him.

  4. Donna Lima

    Adorable!! I love the one with the 2 tennis balls too funny!

  5. i love your dog tour of america. watson misses you.

  6. jamie richards

    omg! i love this post. such adorable beasts!!!!! i wish taj and dottie could play with them all…

  7. I love dogs and I love your photos! Wonderful :)

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