jaime + camera = happy.

photo by the talented jessi ringer :: 5ringsphoto.

i take pictures and i tell stories. and i travel A LOT. life couldn’t be better and i can’t imagine doing anything else.

truth be told, i’m head over heels in love with the world and its people. documenting life is a privilege and an honor, and a challenge i am thrilled to take on.

i am driven by the desire to capture true personality, intense emotion, inspiring love, and the fleeting moments that make up our lives. my focus is wedding and lifestyle photography and my ideal subjects are people who are in love with life, with each other, and with the world around them.

i have had the privilege of traveling to many awe-inspiring countries on many different continents, and observing life as it unfolds in various cultures. i’ve called many places home, from the east coast of the united states to the west, from the bustling streets of london to the remote regions of the amazon, to my most recent residence on lamu island, kenya – and i’ve loved every moment of it.

my photography career began completely by accident – i was thrust into covering political news in washington, dc with little knowledge of cameras or politics in early 2006. to my surprise, my experiences as a journalist, a traveler, an artist and a bartender, proved to be an excellent background for the job. in addition to newspaper assignments, i photographed red carpet events, star-studded parties, and black tie affairs with socialites for local magazines. however, my passion for people’s lives led me away from capitol hill and posh neighborhoods and into the homes of everyday people.

when i’m not shooting pictures or writing stories, i find great satisfaction in volunteering with organizations that i believe in. educational initiatives and programs that inspire and motivate individuals are closest to my heart. i believe strongly in education, art, and communication: through these three efforts i am convinced we can change and shape our world for the better.

i believe that people in love are the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen.

i also believe in love at first sight, that candid photography is an art form, and that i can change the world.

*  *  *

want to know more?

email me :: click here


31 responses to “me!

  1. mamasita

    that’s my girl! you sure do know what life’s about… “the journey” and don’t forget it! i love you!

  2. doug

    everyone take notes on this one. she’s a keeper and a teacher.

  3. Philip Ballard


    Great meeting you at City Tavern Club. Talk soon!


  4. Shahram Salemy


    Sarah and I loved meeting you at the Great Room Opening. Your work is really fantastic!

    We wish you much success in the future and know we’ll see you soon,

    All the best,

    Sarah and Shahram

  5. Jaime, love your blog and your work! Wonderful to meet you yesterday at the workshop. Hope to cross paths again soon! Good luck with your wedding load this year. AY!

  6. Great blog and photos. We’ll be checking back often.

  7. It was so great getting to chat with you at Jillian and Kyle’s wedding! I just spent the last hour looking at all your photos, can’t wait to see more of the wedding!! You have amazing talent.

  8. Tauni

    Hi Jaime,

    This is your Mom and Marc’s cousin, not sure if you remember me. You have a very nice website and your expressions through photography is excellent.


  9. Jaime!! I just wanted to say that you are AWESOME!! I just looked through alot of your pics and they are AMAZING!! Your business has completely exploded and I am so proud of you and all your hard work! I love your new logo too! Keep doing what you’re doing girl!! ;)

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  11. tammy arbeter

    Hi Jaime,

    This is Rebecca’s mom. Rebecca and I had a very long conversation the other night and she was telling me about all the wonderful things you have been doing. Since I’ve been hanging out in a hospital for a few days,I thought I would check out your website while I was here.

    I loved reading about you and seeing your great photography. I’m so glad you did her wedding pictures and wish you lived closer because you were wonderful.

    So,just wanted to tell you that you have a great website, great talent, and I am thrilled to hear that things are going so well for you. I can certainly relate to doing what you love to do.

    Keep up your terrific work.
    Take care,
    tammy arbeter

  12. chuck lee

    i miss my jaime! we had fun at sassafras – just found your site, you look great and congrats on your life – miss you!

  13. Erika

    So…just wanted you to know that you are fabulous. I knew you had talent, but now after looking at your work I realize how much! Move out to San Diego so that we can all feed on your energy girl. Love, Erika…your distantly removed Tina

  14. christy

    I give you credit girl….you are changing the world with all of the lives you touch. I feel energized after looking at your photographs. Your gift to capture a moment is remarkable.

  15. ana

    I just found your website and fell in love with your work! It’s amazing and I could really feel the heart and emotion you put to your photos… it’s magnificent!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of it!!
    Greetings from Guatemala! :)

  16. Danny from Nordstrom

    Jamie! I love the blog. Fanned on facebook. Wow, it’s refreshing to see someone who has so much passion for what they do. Always a pleasure seeing you, let me know when you need that dress!

  17. Courtney

    Hi, just wanted to show some love. Your sister put me on to your blog and now I’m a subscriber!! Definitely something to aspire to :)

  18. All I can say is beautiful beautiful beautiful!! You are truely talented and inspiring!! Keep it up! You are changing the world :) one picture at a time!

  19. Theresa Mock

    Hi Jaime_ I am Joe’s aunt. I was actually looking at your wedding photography and I really love it. Lindsay and Buruk have set their wedding date for next April and I’d love to talk to you about photographing their wedding. If you can email me whenever you have time.


  20. Jaime- you rock! thank you so much for shooting the your work!!! Renee

  21. Kristen

    Love you Jaime! You Rock!

  22. Renee Hollingshead

    So glad to meet you this evening at Kristi & Jon’s wedding, I felt *starstruck* when Kristi introduced me. I’m a huge fan of your work & artistry. If you do any photography workshops or internships please, please, please let me know :)

    Renee Hollingshead

  23. Hi Jaime – you rock blondie!! I am so impressed with your work, your attitude and your personality. Carry on – you should be President of the USA because you do call for change and deliver too!! I do think you have a great President now though.
    Keep me posted – I love reading about you and your adventures.

  24. Barbara Sanchez

    Met you Dad at the car shop…
    My sister teaches photography in D.C. I’ll put her in touch with your website. Maybe you could speak to her students…..Love your work!
    Blessings to you.

  25. Renee


    I don’t have outlook, so I can’t access your email address. I just got engaged, love your website and am interested in pricing. Can you email me some information? I am thinking late spring/early summer sitting.


  26. Abdalla Barghash

    Thats Jaime! JAIME+CAMERA=HAPPY.
    Brilliant talented girl in the art of photography!

  27. Emily

    Your website was passed along to me by a co-worker and I am so glad she did! Your pictures are amazing and your blurb about yourself is wonderful and an insight into a great person. Thanks for sharing your passion! Enjoy Kenya, I’ve been once, it’s incredible.


  28. Dean

    Another of your mom’s cousins. Uncle Paul would be so proud of you. He used to show his slides for days at a time, I can imagine him looking over your shoulder!

  29. Hi, I LOVE your blog. Your photos are so creative and beautiful and I appreciate your zest for life. I was first attracted to your blog by your Key West pictures. I was married there almost three years ago and my husband and I love it there so much we can’t wait to go back. I just started a fun photography blog because my husband and I love travel and take pictures. Thanks so much for a wonderful blog! Keep loving life!

  30. You are super beautiful! What a beautiful soul, heart, mind, and being! Your images are a reflections of your beauty! Well done! Life is so beautiful through your eyes. Take more pictures, travel more, share more. Enlighten this planet with you.

  31. You are such an inspiration and I actually found your blog because of our similar blog names :-D
    But anyways you are a great writer and honestly a true inpiration! I have one question though: Do you earn enough money to financiate the travelling?
    I wish you a beautiful day and I hope you will keep enjoying your life as much as you did up until now :-)

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