capturing the love!

jessi + joe: las vegas, nv

engagement sessions are my favorite! there is no better way to document an engagement (or anniversary!) than a fun, candid photo session. and for me, there is nothing more enjoyable than running around with a couple in love — capturing all the emotion + exuberance of the moment, with their town or favorite place as the backdrop!  for wedding clients, they get to experience what it’s like being in front of the camera and i get a little more insight into their relationship, helping me to better tell their story. aside from having a total BLAST, i get amazing shots that truly reflect the personalities and unique love of each couple.

kristi + jon: pasadena, md

missy + mark: arlington, va

click below to check out these awesome couples’ engagement sessions:

i also offer engagement + anniversary + lifestyle shoots a la carte, so if you have yet to set your date or even if you aren’t quite ready to get (or already are) married, i’d love to discuss a shoot that suits your needs! contact me via email by clicking here.

mo + robert: washington, dc

joe + sean: chicago, il

kelcey + peter: washington, dc


2 responses to “*engaged*

  1. Jasmine Tyler

    wow your pictures are the greatest. im really happy you came and talk to the classes at my school (st. vincent pallotti). i am actually even more inspired by your work and how you shoot. i thought photography was all about technicalities and the perfect moment, but the way you explained how you shoot was amazing. i like the fact that you are CRAZY! i enjoyed you being here and i am definitely going out a buying a camera. i’m also thinking about photography being a hobby :)

  2. Aleah Scheick


    May I please have your prices for an engagement session? Any other additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Hope you are having a GREAT day!

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