kathy + ulisses :: engaged!

science,  japanese gardens, and lots of love…chicago style.

kathy + ulisses are getting married! in mexico! and there’s going to be a tequila donkey! but wait, im getting ahead of myself…

kathy + ulisses are engaged! and they are loving life in chicago — enjoying being in the same city together and planning their awesome celebration south of the border. chicago was the first stop on my recent trek across the country, and i had so much fun hanging out with them, from margaritas + karaoke the night before, to the wine tasting after our session, it was a great weekend! kathy + ulisses are a fabulous + fun couple — they have great chemistry and share an incredible sense of humor. we spent the afternoon exploring the museum of science + industry and wandering through the japanese gardens behind the museum — the site of the 1893 world fair. i had yet another fabulous time shooting in chicago, and i am so happy kathy + ulisses chose me to be their photographer — i cannot wait until they tie the knot — enjoy!



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4 responses to “kathy + ulisses :: engaged!

  1. Sean

    These are so great Jaime! No pic of their incredible duet of “Viva Las Vegas”??

  2. kathy

    I am so happy to see these gorgeous photos!!! thanks for making us look cute!!!!!! love you!!!!! 8D

  3. yama

    hola! wow are amazing photos, they look great together, by the way can you tell me where I can see all the photos you took at the wedding?

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