quiet romance.

and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

rin-rin + jon dancing alone at the end of their reception. the most romantic photograph i’ve ever taken.

life excites me. people fascinate me. love delights me.

at the end of a beautiful & intimate wedding in november 2008, i captured one of my favorite images and the most romantic moment. after a final portrait beneath the colorful chinese lanterns spilling from the ceiling of the tent, i glanced back to find these newlyweds in the same spot, standing very close together. i saw that they were swaying ever so slightly to the music that drifted from inside the house, where family was busy saying their goodbyes to the remaining few guest, and staff bustled about clearing tables and stacking chairs.

i was transfixed – in awe of this perfect moment, aware that i was watching something very intimate, and amazed at their complete oblivion to everything happening around them. rin-rin + jon continued to dance just like that until the end of the song, when he pulled her even closer and kissed her and i snapped this photograph. i will never forget how lucky i felt to have witnessed such quiet romance.

more than anything i hope that rin-rin + jon dance like this for the rest of their lives, and i hope that everyone discovers a love that sends them over the moon.

happy valentine’s day.




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LOVE: just do it.

love the one you’re with.


in honor of valentine’s day i wanted to share this perfect image from mk + joe’s engagement session (coming soon!) and encourage everyone to show a little extra love today – to your partner, to your family, to your friends, or to yourself! despite the silly controversies over this “hallmark holiday” i do love me some love, and any reason to celebrate it is fine by me! so enjoy an opportunity to spread the love today!


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