lamu :: shela primary school.

school children at shela primary on lamu island, working with polaroid film.

ive said it before, and ill say it again — i love polaroid cameras!

i absolutely love working with children, and while they are always very excited to learn about photography and love to have their photo taken, nothing beats the added joy of instant gratification with polaroid film! they loved posing, helping set up shots, and then handling and shaking the prints while they exposed right before their eyes. after every child had a photograph, they went back to the classroom and placed the photos in their notebooks, writing sentances in english describing where they were and what they were doing in the photograph  — love! i spent most of my time with the first graders who were so energetic and eager to learn and talk with me. at times they were totally giddy, but their teacher — the amazing miss grace — handled them perfectly, firm but kind, and with breaks for recess :) it was a wonderful experience, and i cant wait to see them again next week! enjoy!

* * * * *

lamu island, kenya – 2010:

part I :: lamu :: shela village.

part II :: lamu :: maulidi.

part III :: lamu :: dhow races.

part IV :: lamu :: shela primary school.

part V :: kiwayu :: island life.

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4 responses to “lamu :: shela primary school.

  1. so much spirit! great portraits.

  2. These are so fantastic. Love the one of the boys laughing….

    A friend of mine told me recently that Polaroids develop best when you lay them face down to develop instead of shaking them because the chemicals stay even and close to the surface of the print.

    Might be true but…that’s not nearly as fun or awesome as shaking them. ;o)

  3. Amazing Jaime! I’m going to be your biggest blog fan over the next three months. I’m so happy for you and inspired by your next big adventure!


  4. Abdalla Barghash

    You did what is adorable work! Best smiles from the school!
    Keep it up Jaime!

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