kiwayu :: island life.

the tiny island of kiwayu, situated off the coast of kenya, in the lamu archipelago.

8 hours northeast of lamu by sail, and situated within the kiunga marine national reserve, kiwayu is a mere wisp of an island — just 12 miles long and half a mile wide. i spent a few days camping, snorkeling, and fishing with friends along the deserted white sand beaches and fell in love with this idyllic island. the main village is very small, with no electricity, one school, and one well for fresh water. everyone i met was wonderful, especially the children who were anxious to have their photographs taken with their siblings + friends. my favorite was one woman who acted camera shy until i showed her the image i had taken on the back of the camera’s LCD screen — she was thrilled! she blushed and smiled in approval, which encouraged her daughter to take a turn in front of the lens. i love being able to show people how beautiful they are, and i was thrilled to hear they loved the prints i sent back to the island when i returned to the states :)

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lamu island, kenya – 2010:

part I :: lamu :: shela village.

part II :: lamu :: maulidi.

part III :: lamu :: dhow races.

part IV :: lamu :: shela primary school.

part V :: kiwayu :: island life.

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3 responses to “kiwayu :: island life.

  1. Dad & Kathy

    Jaime have been following all your posts,they are GREAT (as usual) Looks like your having a good time. Stay healthy amd SAFE. and e mail me if you can. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! miss you and LOVE you!!!! (sent you a e mail yesterday hope you get it) Love Dad and Kathy

  2. Dad & Kathy

    ps. some pics with you in them would be nice to see you too!!!!

  3. james mark

    Hi ,
    hope all is well ,we are missing you all…i dont suppose you can direct me to your photos of the swimming race in Lamu on Jan 2nd?

    thanks James

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