dear contessa: thanks for the memories.

filming a tv pilot aboard contessa.


for the last week i’ve been aboard the RV contessa, working with an awesome crew filming a tv pilot! this was a totally unexpected and unusual experience for me, but i was thrilled to jump on board and trek through 5 states in less than 5 days – working around the clock, interviewing, investigating, and analyzing data. we made our way from southern VA to montauk, NY, filming in a ton of awesome locations. i loved my dual role as cast + crew, although i was definitely a little intimidated being in front of the camera, but siked to have the opportunity to try my hand at filming as well as breakdancing. and no, the two are not mutually exclusive.

more to come soon!



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5 responses to “dear contessa: thanks for the memories.

  1. kas

    say whaaaaat???

  2. Joe

    This sounds like a step up from doing the hotel tv channel for that place in FL… Haha

  3. that is sooo amazing! I cannot wait to see the pilot.

  4. You too?!?! LOL, I’m producing/shooting a TV pilot as well. Looking forward to seeing what yours is all about, good luck! =)

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