james: lifestyle family session!

adrienne + steve = james. excellent formula.

oh, james!

james is one seriously cool kid and he’s oh so incredibly adorable!  i had the absolute best time ever running the streets of annapolis after this little guy – he was super adventurous climbing all over and exploring everything. truth be told, he started the session a little skeptical of me – giving me some super serious looks, but i totally won him over (check out the high-five he gave me below!) and managed to get some sweet smiles and a few laughs! i mean, the kid is seriously stylish – and with his cool outfit, big blue eyes, and super blonde locks, i fell in love with him immediately. let’s be honest – he’s the cutest thing ever with a personality to match. proof: we’re walking downtown and james wanders into a bar to start dancing…turns out he loves to dance…to frank sinatra no less…*smitten*!

i *love* family sessions!


…and i even managed to sneak just a few of james’ parents being so very cute together! *love* these two!

and the sweet high-five! thanks to my intern/mentee renee higdon for this awesome capture!



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3 responses to “james: lifestyle family session!

  1. Adrienne

    Thank you so much Jaime. We had a fabulous time with you and Renee. I adore your work – you’ve got a knack for this photography thing :)

  2. jamie richards

    luv the parents + baby holding hands. so sweet.

  3. The pictures are terrific. I am so proud of Adrienne and Steve they are wonderful parents. James is my only Stelmach since my nine other grandchildren are my daughters off-spring. I love them all and it is so much fun to see them grow and develop their own personality. James is a joy to all of us and so much fun. Thanks, for capturing James so naturally, Steve and A too. It looks like you all had fun.
    Sincerely, Jean

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