baby charlotte: newborn session!

first comes love…then comes marriage…then comes baby charlotte!

melinda + tim have a new baby girl! and chocolate cigars to celebrate with!

i was absolutely thrilled when i learned that melinda + tim were expecting a baby this fall – they had a spectacular wedding last year and are one of my favorite couples ever! baby charlotte was born about 6 weeks ago and i simply couldn’t wait to meet her! she is teeny tiny with deep blue eyes and a little red mohawk – so cute!! really, she is nothing short of absolutely adorable – full of smiles and serious looks, laughs and lovely little cooing sounds! charlotte really is a delightful baby and very, very loved!

yay for melinda + tim + charlotte! woohoo!




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14 responses to “baby charlotte: newborn session!

  1. Charlotte's Mama

    Thank you Jaime- they look great. I think you captured the full range of her personality!

  2. Sheryl J.

    Absolutely precious!!

    It’s also crazy that you’re both up at 4 a.m.

  3. Charlotte's Mama's Mama

    Great photos, Jamie. Gotta love baby feet. :)

  4. Tracey

    I dont know which photo I love the most??? Too cute!!!

  5. Emily G.

    So sweet! Love happy Charlotte in picture 2.

  6. Ryan Connor - Da' Uncle

    Awesome. I love the last one. Big baby cheeks!

  7. eva

    these are so sweet, but dangerous, giving me a little baby fever….

  8. Anna A.

    Charlotte is SO beautiful! Amazing pictures!

  9. Jennifer

    Beautiful baby Charlotte – so happy for the photos! You three look great! :)

  10. Cef

    Sweet Fauxhawk!

  11. love that baby. she is beautiful!

  12. Rochelle

    Tim & Melinda, Charlotte is BEAUTIFUL…What a personality she has already!!!
    Thanks for keeping me in the loop, I look forward to many, many more pictures to come!

  13. Rosemary & Ben, Grandma & Grandpop

    To Jamie, your artistic eye captured Charlotte wonderfully! Thanks for posting these beautiful photos of Charlotte and her Mama & Daddy. What a delight!

  14. Kathy one of the great aunties

    What big eyes she has! She’s a beautiful baby–can’t wait to meet her in person. Wonderful job, Jaime as I would have expected from you.

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