double your pleasure.

holy color explosion.

almost everyone in the greater dc area saw this spectacular double rainbow last night after the crazy thunderstorm…however, NOT everyone stopped in the middle of an exit ramp to get a sweet photo.



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8 responses to “double your pleasure.

  1. MK

    Yup, I saw it when I was in Baltimore yesterday, but I didn’t stop on an exit ramp to get it. You’re crazy, which is exactly why I love you so much. xoxo.

  2. kate

    it was in honor of pride.


    k i am done.

  3. 2 potential pots of gold. Hope you were able to find one!

  4. quinnep

    If you think i didn’t open the window, hang my feet over the side (while holding on for dear life) to get a picture, you’d be wrong.

    Also: I’m happy to report I didn’t go splat on the sidewalk. :D

  5. mamasita

    awesome, hit a perfect drive ball right under and onto the green! brought me a bit o’ luck ; )

  6. Noelani

    What a beautiful shot of the double rainbow!
    I was in Rockville area when I first spotted them but by the time I got home about 40 minutes later (you know how crazy traffic gets!), I could only see the opposite ends of the rainbow and could not take any photos. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I always miss the rainbows! Great shot!

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