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dhillon :: lifestyle family session!

sunshine + smiles at the arboretum.

one very happy little boy at the national arboretum in washington, dc.

i love the national arboretum. it’s an incredible gem in the middle of the city — a vast expanse of refreshing greenery and abundance of shade, it’s the ideal place to spend a summer afternoon! i was very excited to meet dhillon and his family at the arboretum a few weeks ago for a fun family session, grandparents and all! dhillon and his daddy are too cute for words and this little man completely stole my heart with his dapper outfit and *amazing* smile!




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gracyn’s fairy tale 1st birthday!

tiny blonde fairies have more fun.

happy birthday gracyn!

baby gracyn is one! i can barely believe it — it seems like not long ago that i met this family for the first time and she was just a little newborn {see gracyn at 4 weeks!} and now she’s running around and eating cupcakes! i can’t imagine a more festive celebration and i absolutely *loved* her fabulous fairy tale 1st birthday party — wow! the party was a visual delight — tissue poms hung from the ceiling, and a carpet of flowers transformed the house into a fairy garden — i was in awe of the amazing etsy-inspired decor from * the polka dot pinwheel * POM LOVE * stay awake * and more. fairy wings + tutus (and dragon costumes for the boys!) were given to all the tiny guests who were enchanted by a fairy caravan puppet show! every detail was perfection — a custom sweets bar with blue + purple toadstool cupcakes, a fairy toadstool cake, and magic pretzel wands — all homemade! bravo to mom’s who truly do it all!

the entire event was orchestrated by the incredibly creative + talented shannon green, an amazing mama who has just gone pro with her planning for little ones — woo! since she got her start planning her own children’s parties {check out kimsey’s super fun cowgirl birthday!} shannon is wonderfully in tune with mom’s and their children. want to know more about sweet pea soirees? follow her on twitter, fan her on facebook or check out her blog!



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kimsey’s cowgirl birthday!

kimsey turns 2! yeehaw!

shannon + kimsey enjoying the pony rides!

yesterday i spent the afternoon with one of my favorite clients (shannon – kimsey + gracyn’s mom) photographing kimsey’s amazing cowgirl birthday party! her little friends + awesome family celebrated her turning 2 years old with pony rides, balloons, cowboy party hats and, of course, cupcakes!

shannon gets a HUGE gold star for party planning mom of the year – every detail was perfection, including her pony cupcake cake! yeehaw!

baby gracyn!

pony (cup)cake!

tiniest cowgirl ever!


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james: lifestyle family session!

adrienne + steve = james. excellent formula.

oh, james!

james is one seriously cool kid and he’s oh so incredibly adorable!  i had the absolute best time ever running the streets of annapolis after this little guy – he was super adventurous climbing all over and exploring everything. truth be told, he started the session a little skeptical of me – giving me some super serious looks, but i totally won him over (check out the high-five he gave me below!) and managed to get some sweet smiles and a few laughs! i mean, the kid is seriously stylish – and with his cool outfit, big blue eyes, and super blonde locks, i fell in love with him immediately. let’s be honest – he’s the cutest thing ever with a personality to match. proof: we’re walking downtown and james wanders into a bar to start dancing…turns out he loves to dance…to frank sinatra no less…*smitten*!

i *love* family sessions!


…and i even managed to sneak just a few of james’ parents being so very cute together! *love* these two!

and the sweet high-five! thanks to my intern/mentee renee higdon for this awesome capture!


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liam + lily wynn: preview!

liam + lily wynn showing off their silly faces.

i had a super fun session yesterday with liam + lily wynn and their family – i just *love* brothers + sisters! more to come soon…

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easter kids!

part IV of the famous easter shootout.


a few weeks ago i had a marathon day of shooting on easter sunday – i literally shot from sun up to sun down! it started just after dawn with narda + todd’s engagement session in dc, continued up to canton car wash’s grand opening in baltimore city, then moved down to annapolis for a lifestyle family session (coming soon!) in the late afternoon. i finished the day at my cousin’s house where i found all of my adorable little cousins sugar-fueled and reveling in easter fun! here are some of my favorite images of these happy kids! 









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