nicole + jason: married!

a vogue celebration.


nicole + jason are married! i can’t imagine a better way to start 2009 than with nicole + jason’s wedding at the fantastic tabard inn! the entire day was sublime – from the vintage chic style to the ultra classy vibe of the bridal party + guests – it was an absolutely perfect wedding. 

with the focus on nicole + jason’s love for each other, their intimate ceremony truly honored and celebrated love, witnessed by their very closest family + friends. nicole and jason are extremely intelligent, well-traveled and deeply respected by everyone who knows them. they are adventurous and creative and i’m so excited for them to start their married life – i can’t wait to see what amazing things they accomplish together. 

the reception was filled with love and floored by laughter – every toast was witty and genuine, and evoked bigger smiles than the last. 

one of their bridesmaids spoke about how wonderful it was to watch two of her favorite people come together and fall in love…the love and admiration for nicole + jason among all their guests was truly tangible. there is something incredibly special about nicole + jason, both individually and as a couple, and it was amazing to witness their wedding. my favorite part of the reception was a german tradition i had never seen before – a “shoe game” if you will, where the bride + groom take hold of their own shoe and their partner’s shoe, sit back to back and respond to quirky questions by signaling the answer with the appropriate shoe. we quickly learned who the couple considered to be the best driver, the most fiscally responsible, the best looking, and so on within the relationship! it was very entertaining, and i loved their reactions to the questions, as well as the laughter that ensued from the responses.

after the last dance, guests bid the newlyweds farewell as they stole off into the rainy night, bound for new zealand and their amazing honeymoon adventure!

a huge CONGRATS to nicole + jason – and here’s to 2009!





























* * * * *

5-star vendor reviews!

the tabard inn:: fantastic venue!

rev. julie price :: amazing officiant. 

kc felton :: stellar hair + makeup.

flower gallery :: absolutely gorgeous flowers.



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16 responses to “nicole + jason: married!

  1. 5rings

    Jaime these pictures are fantastic. Each and every picture has so much personality! I love the humor in the dress shot!! Great job Jaime!!

  2. Aw! Rev. Julie Price officiated my wedding! I adore her. This looks like it was such a fun wedding – everyone looks so happy. You captured such great moments and emotion, Jaime!

  3. Jen

    Love the pics! You really captured the day and the spirit of the couple. Congrats!

  4. MK

    I want her dress! This is awesommmmmme! The bride and groom have such great expressions. So glad to see these! :)

  5. Those pictures are fantastic! The cake was absolutely stunning! =)

  6. Oh I love these – you captured this wedding so beautifully – the moments, the color, the fun :o) I adore the last one with the umbrella.

  7. mamasita

    brilliant jaime…this is one of my favorite wedding pics, love the local, the couple, the friends and especially love the girl capturing the memories! Bravo!

  8. Jamie–these are awesome! You really captured the expressions of the crowd well. Can’t wait to see all of them when the happy couple is back from NZ. Would recommend you a million times over!

  9. I love that last picture under the umbrella! So cute! And her dress is adorable – classy and chic all at the same time.

  10. Bree

    Love the Ork Poster as a ‘guest book’ idea and the German Shoe Game shot! So beautiful. Also love her dress!

  11. Sheryl

    I love the Ork Poster as a guest book too. I bought one for my office based on your blog. Great pictures!!

  12. I love the Tabard Inn! Great work!

  13. John S.

    Smiles, laughter, and love. Those are some fantastic photos.

  14. Scott Anderson

    Absolutely beautiful… but I should not be surprised. You had great source material!

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