kristen maye allan

kristen maye allan is arguably one of the best female judokas in the united states – and possibly the world.

in addition to being an incredible athlete, she is an awesome young girl (turned 24 yesterday!) with a great sense of humor, just the right amount of confidence, and a natural beauty.

the fabulous kate michael of the greater washington sports alliance accompanied kristen and worked on her hair and make-up. she did a great job!

photographing kristen was a blast! i had so much fun trying to make her laugh, and asking silly questions that demonstrated my (former!) ignorance of judo. i also inquired about her strength, her style, and her life (yes, she can kick my butt and no she will not succumb to cauliflower ear nor cut her gorgeous long blonde hair.)

kristen is proof that it is possible to be a strong, accomplished athlete and a friendly, beautiful woman – and not have to sacrifice one for the other. i have a lot of admiration for kristen and can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes.

olympic gold? i wouldn’t be surprised.

read more about kristen maye allan here.


kristen maye allen

kristen maye allen

kristen maye allen



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4 responses to “kristen maye allan

  1. MK

    How fun! Nice job, Jaime!

  2. Thanks Jaime! You are so sweet, thanks for all the great photos! You made me feel so comfortable! It was SO much fun spending the morning with you and Kate. You guys spoiled me!

  3. ksp8ts

    love, love, love these photos. i need headshots for no good reason at all….

  4. hill billy

    wow what great shot of those blue eyes

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