do you like my hat?

p.d. eastman and dr. seuss would be proud.

a sneak peek of hayley modeling her favorite pink hat at our session this morning!

more to come from ella + hayley’s shoot as well as half a dozen weddings, a couple of engagement sessions and all the other shoots i’ve been super busy with these last 2 weeks! sorry for the blog hiatus – will be getting caught up tonite and this week – check back for all the awesome photos to come!!




Filed under children, photography, photojournalism

3 responses to “do you like my hat?

  1. Can’t wait to see these – look at those curls!

  2. wildstorm

    Love that hat!

  3. mamasita, hon

    oh, i do like your hat, what a party hat! (dr suess, go dogs go…)

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