10 responses to “anna + dave: engaged!

  1. MK

    these two are soooooo sweet! Look at those smiles! Great job, Himay! xoxo.

  2. Anna

    The pics are amazing Jaime! I can’t say THANK YOU enough!

  3. what a smile on that girl! i adore these!

  4. Jamie

    Two people in love having SOO much fun! :)

  5. Kim

    awww, what a cute fun session!! and way to rock the monument without 10,000 people in it!

  6. Audrey

    Love the pics!!!! I’m glad the sun decided to finally come out and the cherry blossoms to bloom. Perfect!

  7. They are so cute together! Beautiful pics!

  8. These are all so fabulous! And FUN re: the dance scene in front of the AL.

  9. Talk about outkicking your coverage.

  10. what beautiful pictures of my beautiful friend! You did an amazing job ! i love them!

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