blonde rockstar.

photoshoot turned rockstar/jam session.

let’s just say i needed this today…thank you to asparagus media for outfitting me with these sweet guitars and to the ever-fabulous mk for taking these killer photos. i’ll explain it all later…




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13 responses to “blonde rockstar.

  1. MK

    oh man. I *loved* today. We need more of those!

  2. mamasita

    you are a rock star…just don’t sing…

  3. Annie

    Aw Jaime, aren’t you just the cutest!! Great pictures too!

  4. kate

    omg your mom beat me to it.

    … i’ll do it anyway…you can’t sing.

  5. i’m going to call all of you and sing my heart out!!

  6. Cef

    Who’s the better singer. Himay or Cricket? It’s a tossup!

  7. Jamie

    So you can’t sing…..can you play the guitar?

  8. 5rings

    I am kind of sad that I didn’t get to hear your singing attempts while I was visiting. LOL

  9. k.a.s.

    u may notz can singz… but u can danz. like whoa wif the danzing.

  10. I love you… You were amazing @ Sara & Jack’s wedding & your blog & other website are both incredible. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Costa Rica pictures. Part of my heart lives there I think = )

  11. DAD

    sing your heart out YOU HAVE EARNED IT!!!!!!

  12. Hey, J —

    You’re welcome any time at Asparagus Media Studios, whether you can sing or not. BTW, we used one of your detail shots for our new client blog: — no, not the one of a toilet with a microphone pointed at it!

    Man, you’re in Greece! Steve is on his way there in a couple of weeks. I’ll be enjoying my much cheaper “staycation,” watching bad TV and eating Pop-Tarts.

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