st. vincent pallotti high school.

speaking to students at my alma mater.


last week i was very excited to pay a visit to pallotti high school – which has changed a lot since i attended over a decade ago! the school was celebrating st. vincent pallotti week and examining the importance of individual vocations. i was honored to be asked to speak to the photography classes about my career and how photography truly allows me to do what i love while, at the same time, giving so much to others! i really enjoyed seeing how much the school has changed and reconnecting with all my favorite teachers and staff! my talk was fast + furious (big surprise!) and i only wish i had been able to spend more time with the students. i’m so excited for them – i wish i had taken a photography class in high school (or EVER for that matter – ha!) but i remember how overwhelming and exciting it was learning how to make my camera work for me and not against me! i’m such a lifelong student and love discovering new things, and i love how photography truly allows me to learn something new everyday – either about the art itself or about the amazing people, places and things that i have the privilege to capture.

if any PHS photography students are reading please do email me with any and all questions – i’d love to her from you!



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4 responses to “st. vincent pallotti high school.

  1. k.a.s.

    yay! look at you being a role model!

  2. Aww, yay! I remember you telling me about this =) I knew you would do amazing. You’re already one of my role models so I can only imagine what you could do with a room of young minds.


  3. rachel

    i took photography last semester at pallotti and i fell in love with it. i’m seriously considering becoming a photojournalist. i didn’t hear about you visiting pallotti and i’m quite frustrated i missed your talk.

  4. Iza

    my son goes to Pallotti’s primary school in Poland. I would like to prepare any logo for our school, mainly for our children clothes and any other. I think a simple string – signature, like that one in the photo. And I have a question – whether it is the original signature of the St. Vincent? And what are the copyrights to this string, which would have to ask for permission to use it?
    I will be grateful for your help, I greet – Iza KAczynska POLAND

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