snow beach.

spent a wonderful afternoon with two of my favorite people this weekend…my dad and i went to visit my sister and the beaches of long island…in the snow! yay for december! check us out on long beach – despite the bitter cold and snow flurries it was an incredible experience being on the beach in the winter. steam was swirling off the ocean as we ran along the shore, the sand and snow mixing underfoot with the abundance of sea shells…we weren’t the only brave souls beyond the icy dunes – there was a lone fisherman on the rocks, you can see him in the distance…such a beautiful day at the beach!


me +dad.

snow-beach-51.jpg snow-beach-8.jpg


my sister + my dad.



snow-beach-30.jpg snow-beach-24.jpg


me + jessi!



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3 responses to “snow beach.

  1. Chris

    It is so great to see you all reconnecting! Luv Ya

  2. MK

    SO SWEEEEEEEET! I can’t wait to meet the other blonde Windon!

  3. k.s.

    *warm fuzzies* on on cold day.

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