ella + hayley: lifestyle session.

girls just want to have fun.

i can’t imagine a better way to spend a sunday morning than playing with ella + hayley! they immediately welcomed me into their playroom with huge smiles and showed me all their favorite games…not only are they absolutely adorable, but they have the sweetest personalities and love each other so much! ella is a fantastic big sister – especially with her “the youngest goes first” rule when playing any game! she is so kind to hayley and it’s obvious that hayley simply adores ella – so cute!!

their boundless energy was so refreshing – it’s been too long since i’ve spent the day with little girls! of course it made me miss my little sister, and nostalgic for the days when we played from morning until night – completely unaffected by the world around us, and having the time of our lives.

it’s been said that sisters are the closest thing anyone can have to a true soul mate – and i feel so lucky to have such an incredible sister. she was my first and favorite best friend ever, and i love her so very much. i am so glad that ella + hayley have each other, and i know their lives will be so much richer because they will share everything together.

i choose to photograph weddings because i love to document love and relationships. photographing ella + hayley today was also a way of documenting the love and bond between two people. individually the girls were awesome, but together they were perfectly captivating – i wanted so bad to be little too! everything they did made them squeal with delight – from jumping on the couch to riding their bikes. they are living in their own perfect world – sharing secrets, creating games, even inventing their own language. but most importantly they are laughing and loving and living every moment the way we are all meant to.






great parents + wonderful little girls = beautiful family!



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7 responses to “ella + hayley: lifestyle session.

  1. 5rings

    How cute are those two!!! Looks like it was a fun shoot:)

  2. i called my brother. we cried. we held each other. kidding of course….

    these are awesome. you truly capture the spark in life.

  3. Kim

    ooh, these are gorgeous!! that first pic especially.. they are so so so so cute!! edible, in fact.

  4. Uncle Mitch

    Pictures look great, some are blurry though. just kidding.
    You all look great.

  5. Fran

    These are all great – you have two beautiful girls

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