anna rose: newborn session.

hello baby!


anna rose has arrived!

anna rose is the tiniest baby and *newest* newborn i have ever photographed! at 17 days old and under 8 lbs she is so little and so very perfect! i was thrilled to meet her and amazed that she was so alert throughout our session – her big blue eyes loved my camera! yay!

joe + kristin (her fantastic parents) are thrilled to welcome their third child into the family, and anna rose couldn’t be luckier! this is one of my absolute favorite families – i’ve photographed them many times and i always have a blast and love how the photographs seem to reflect their love so perfectly. they have so much fun together it’s contagious, and i know jules and alexander are so excited to have a new baby sister!

kristin really just wanted photographs of anna rose, but i couldn’t help capturing the amazing moments between mommy + baby! kristin is such a wonderful, loving, gentle, and understanding mother – watching her with anna rose in her arms made me so happy :)

kristin + joe: it’s truly been a joy and a privilege to document your lives so far and i can’t wait for our next session in a few months! thank you for continuing to trust me with preserving your memories. 













kristin designs nurseries, so of course anna rose’s room is *perfect*!







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12 responses to “anna rose: newborn session.

  1. What a cute bebe! I love all of her hair and how about her room!! It is perfect!!! Perfect bebe. Perfect room. Perfect pics. Perfect photog;)

  2. Awe, these are so precious — my oldest daughter will have her 1st child (a girl :-) next month and these photos have just kicked my excitement level up to high-gear!

  3. I love these, Jaime! What a darling baby, and what gorgeous images. The nursery is incredible, too!

  4. it would be weird to make someone else’s child my desktop wallpaper, right? yes, i think so.

    cutest bebe EVAH!

  5. i can’t handle the cuteness. beautiful images!

  6. RachelRQ

    Hi sweet pretty baby girl! Great shots Jaime. And omigoodness, that nursery is beeeyooootiful! love love love

  7. Anita DeMarco

    I am the Great Grandma of these wonderful children. Anna Rose is the picture of joy. Thank you for these lovely photos.

  8. Brooke

    What a gorgeous baby born into a gorgeous family!!! And I’m not just saying that because they are my cousins ;)

    I love the pictures, they really capture emotion. I can’t wait to meet Miss Anna!

  9. Heidi

    SOOOOOO cute!! She is so precious…can’t wait for her to run around with Katherine (and Julia too)

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