i had a spectacular dining experience last week at mario batali’s fabulous b&b ristorante located in the venetian hotel + casino in las vegas. in fact, it was without a doubt the highlight of my trip.

the bartender – an awesome guy named joe – was well-versed in the cuisine and wine, and entertained me with his wit and an impromptu wine tasting. i was lucky enough to sit down next to a couple of local guys (producers for the phantom of the opera) and another traveler in town for work…we chatted intermittently and compared notes on food and wine – i had just finished day 2 of the MFE conference and had my camera in tow…can you say impromptu photo essay of my dining experience? absolutely. luckily my 5D captured some sweet images in the low light and now i can remember all the wines i sampled…

as one who savors nothing more than a fine meal and good wine, i highly recommend b&b ristorante, or any of batali’s restaurants that can boast such impeccable cuisine and stellar service.

bon appetit!


my wine glasses. there are lots.

grilled octopus – chickpeas, basil oil, watermelon.

i love italian wines. i also love any chef who decides amaretto cookies should be ground atop your pasta.
img_9622a.JPG img_9628a.JPG

pumpkin raviolis – yum!

a perfectly balanced chardonnay:

got over my dislike of beets with this tangy, delightful salad:

rose moscato + molten chocolate lava cake = heaven.
img_9644a.JPG img_9651a.JPG

a sweet ice wine to end an unbelievable meal!



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4 responses to “b&b.

  1. MK

    I want that chocolate cake! YUM!

  2. Cef

    Was someone drinking on their trip?

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