12 responses to “katie + bob: engaged!

  1. Ben

    That’s disappointing that he’s a Pat’s fan. Great pictures though considering. haha

  2. Katie

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! They are sooooo cute:-) I can’t wait to see the fun stuff you come up with for the wedding…You are such a joy to work with!

  3. quinnep

    HOORAY!!! they turned out great! how exciting!

  4. Barbara

    Beautiful pictures!!

    Aunt Barbara

  5. Bob

    Wow, they turned out great! Thanks for the great pictures.

  6. Lauren

    The photos look fabulous! They truly capture the two of you :) I am so excited!

  7. Colleen

    OMG these pictures are GRRREEAAT! I am so excited to see the wedding pictures !!
    Love you both!

  8. Becka, part of the greatest wedding party ever!

    These pictures capture the essence of the two of you, your love for one another. I am so happy to be apart of this union, these pictures are beautiful. My sister wanted me to tell you both that you look precious :)

  9. Jamie, Bridesmaid

    Katie and Bob,

    They are awesome! Jaime did an awesome job. You both look like “YOU” and it comes across so well! I can’t wait to see all of them! Love ya guys!

  10. Katie's Mom

    Katie and Bob,
    I just love these photo’s!!! You both look fabulous!!!!! Love you,Mom

  11. Laurie

    Dear Katie and Bob,

    The pictures surely, show the essence of your “love” for each other. I can’t wait to be part of your lives.
    Love, Laurie

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