a capital christmas.

a nighttime field trip to the capital christmas tree.


i stopped by the capital building on my way home from a wedding tonight – the very last wedding on 2008. i was feeling elated, nostalgic and a little adventurous, so when i noticed the newly lit tree in front of the capital, i decided to pull over and snap a few shots. it was so quiet and beautiful – a few others stood in silence and awe, and i clicked a few frames trying to ignore the freezing temperature! the colors were really spectacular and i absolutely *love* the way the lights look when pushed out of focus…

happy, dreamy, sparkly holidays to everyone!



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5 responses to “a capital christmas.

  1. MK

    I was on the phone with you when you did this! :) Beautiful photo, Himay!

  2. i was not on the phone with you when you did this, but i also think it’s a beautiful photo! :)

    i love polka-dot Christmas trees!

  3. Beautiful, Jaime! I love your take on something so familiar.

  4. totally beautiful. is that the moon up there too?

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