ufo america: first contact.

on the set of a tv pilot.


two weeks ago i joined up with a very talented (not to mention fun!) crew filming in dc. they are producing the pilot for a new series called ufo america: first contact. it’s a reality show that investigates ufo sightings, and it’s being pitched to the sci-fi channel! my amazing friend andrea chesney invited me to be part of the team while they shot the segment here on capitol hill. for a change i was on the other side of the camera, one of the cast – a cameo role if you will – a photographer providing insight and professional opinion on some of the recorded anomalies that were being investigated.

led by the awesome john d’auria, we braved freezing temperatures + brisk winds to film outside in front of the capitol. it was the coldest night ever, but i had a great time and i learned so much! i am truly fascinated by ufo theories/sightings/research and it was very interesting to be in the presence of some of the most renowned researchers in the field. their passion + enthusiasm for the project was infectious and i can’t wait to see the final results!

here are some of the photos i managed to catch in between my very important acting debut ;)



ufo researcher peter robbins on the set.



robbins discusses his book left at east gate.

andrea + john d!

* * *

see the youtube trailer for UFO AMERICA here!



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7 responses to “ufo america: first contact.

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. HOW FUN!!!!!

  2. it was SO much fun! i *love* documenting production – tv, plays, movies – really interesting people and such great energy!

  3. Fascinating topic. Hope to catch the pilot!

  4. Richard

    If this really gets going, I would like to come forward with my own story as a contactee. Warm Regards, Richard Dell

    omega.arimathea at gmail.com

  5. Hi Jaime,

    Remember me? I’m the visual effects guy for the show. You were great at the shoot. The show is getting close to it’s unveiling and I can’t wait.

    We’ll be seeing each other soon!!!!


  6. wow, what an awesome opportunity. i’m forwarding this post to a good friend of ours who is obsessed with UFOs. he will love this.

    that first shot is fantastic, btw.

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