the plunging hons.

a preview of the fun that plunging hons will bring to this year’s polar bear plunge.

if you’re anything like me you have too many resolutions and goals for 2008 to even begin to count! personally, every year i hope to get more involved in charity – voluteering with some of the incredible organizations in the area, donating my time and talents and really making a difference in people’s lives. it’s not always as easy as it should be – until now.

it’s only january and i’ve already found an awesome way to start off the year – raising awareness and money for the special olympics through a local event with some incredible people.

* * *
on january 26th tons of crazy people will be participating in the annual MSP polar bear plunge to raise money for the special olympics. this year i have aligned myself with a local team – the plunging hons – to lend time, effort and publicity to this great event. the plunging hons will be jumping into the icy waters of the bay dressed in full hon regalia – and hope to make a HUGE splash – both with their festive costumes and a very large team contribution.

so here’s the deal: i have started a site for the plunging hons – check it out at: – its very cool, full of photos and information about the event, how to join the team, how to donate, as well as the super awesome happy hour we will be hosting on jan 24th at – of course – CAFE HON in hampden.

and the best part is you can help out too! here are 3 ways that your time will make a difference:

1. CLICK! at the very least i ask that you take a minute to check out the site – we are building (in a very short time) an online presence and our “click rates” are important to our cause.

2. JOIN US! if you are so inclined join our team! there are links to sign up and all are welcome – dress up, take the plunge, raise money, or just come to support! whatever you fancy!

3. DONATE! make a donation to the cause – you can click here and donate directly on my page, or attend the happy hour and make a contribution in person. we also hope to have a paypal widget on the blog ASAP!
ALL donations – no matter how small – $5, $10 – whatever you can spare is awesome. if everyone that reads this donated $10 i would probably quadrouple my fundraising goal of $1000. (which would be AMAZING btw!!)
*PLUS* all donations qualify for courtesy promotion on the site! i have set up a SPONSORS page with links to your business or personal site and will also place your logo on the site. i’m more than happy to help you promote your business, your blog, whatever!

this is a very grassroots attempt at fundraising a large amount in a very short time – we have just over 2 weeks to accomplish what we hope will be a very impressive goal and make a big difference in the lives of many.
* * *

i can’t THANK YOU enough for your time – and in advance for any contribution you may be able to make.

please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions – i am VERY EXCITED about this event – both the actual PLUNGE and our HAPPY HOUR and hope that you are too!!


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  1. MK

    proud supporter!!! xoxo.

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