tara + keith: engagement photos!


yes – this is going to be another one of those posts where i rave about the couple and want to put up at least 47 pics of them…
let me first say that i love, love, love tara! she was a breath of fresh air: funny, fashionable, beautiful, AND she loves photos! i had a total blast with her and keith yesterday in baltimore…we have had to postpone a few times, and were all very excited and anxious to meet – we’ve exchanged a million emails and i knew we were going to get along fabulously. tara even said keith had been practicing his smile – this was particularly hilarious, and totally unecessary as they laughed and smiled the entire time without any prompting by me! we started out in fells point and walked to the docks at the frederick douglass maritime park – love that place! photographed an awesome wedding there just last month…then it was off to the american visionary arts museum in federal hill to get a killer photo under the idyllic neon LOVE sign. we were so thrilled about it, and then just as siked to explore the outdoor section of the museum! tara + keith stood in front of the amazing glass mosaic exterior of the muesum and even held the door for visitors when they entered! then tara jumped on this metal bug statue and keith “pretended” to perch above it (note: no art was harmed in the making of these photos!) then we walked around back where little ceramic paintings and figures lined the walls and discovered a huge fort made of wood! they ran right in and peeked out at me! loved it! there were these cool concrete stairs that they walked up, and next thing i knew keith scooped tara up in his arms! too cute! oh, and i did i mention we got a great shot with their dog hogan at the very end? yay!

what better way to spend a sunday than with a couple as amazing as tara + keith?
i love my job :)

tara-keith-04.jpg tara-keith-31.jpg




tara-keith-46.jpg tara-keith-18.jpg




tara-keith-42.jpg tara-keith-40.jpg



tara-keith-51.jpg tara-keith-52.jpg

tara-keith-35.jpg tara-keith-54.jpg


this may be my favorite – there’s just something about this one, and about tara – i think it’s the way she’s standing, it draws my eye. i tried it with an antique wash, and i think it pretty much rocks.



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4 responses to “tara + keith: engagement photos!

  1. Cef

    Maybe its because I know the couple, or maybe its because the pics are simply amazing. All I can say is, wow! Awesome job.

  2. Tara

    Thanks so much!!! We seriously had so much fun and loved working with you!

  3. Michelle

    Tara and Keith – You guys looks AMAZING! I love love love the last one!!! I’m stealing your idea Tara and wearing a black dress when Jaime does ours!

  4. Parker

    I like the last one because Keith is like… seriously?

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