canton car wash: now open!

get clean, go green! 


a green car wash debuts in baltimore city.

i’m very excited to announce that canton car wash opened in baltimore this weekend! 

canton car wash is locally-owned and operated by three amazing guys who couldn’t be more excited about opening a car wash in baltimore city! i am so proud of these guys – tom, chris and john (see below) have worked so hard to develop a stellar car wash and it’s so awesome to see it become a reality. 

this “squeaky green”  full service car wash + auto detailing center aims to provide customers with the best quality wash while minimizing clean water and chemical use. featuring a soft touch cleaning system, recycled water and biodegradable detergents, canton car wash is environmentally friendly and super green. while they wait, customers can sip coffee drinks or have a snack in the wi-fi lounge, check out one of the plasma screen tvs or observe their car in the detail bay. it’s awesome!

go check it out!

the hardworking men behind CCW!

hello detail bay!


the swanky coffee bar + lounge; the detail bay.

the view of the detail bay from the coffee bar.

my shiny, happy passat!



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16 responses to “canton car wash: now open!

  1. Narda

    Wow!! This looks awesome. Think Todd and I may have to drive out to Baltimore to check this out.

  2. I might just have to get my car washed when I’m up in the Towson/Baltimore area this week! Looks really great! =)

  3. woot! so exciting! :)

  4. mamasita

    WOW! AWESOME! i wish you great success! fancy cars visit your place…i must bring mine…ha ha!

  5. Awesome, congrats guys! I think you need some CCW shirts!

  6. MK

    I went this weekend too! So great!!!

  7. Jillian

    I love the concept! I want one in Northern Virginia!

  8. Now I have a place to wash my car if I’m ever in the city… I used to detail my car twice a year myself, but have gotten so busy… Canton just might be the answer =)

  9. Kat

    Aw, congrats Cef! :)

  10. Congrats Guys!

    It’s finally here, and looks great might I add.

  11. Mr. Happy Pants

    Dude, I’m totally stoked for you guys! That’s awesome that it’s finally come to fruition. I may just have to swing up to Baltimore in the Maxima to get a wash here in the next few weeks :)

  12. Sperz

    Great photos. Awesome place. Can’t even tell it’s a car wash, looks like a trendy new lounge! haha

  13. Denise

    YEAH…..much success… proud of you all

  14. what a fantastic idea. LOVE their logo.

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