photo of the day: outtake!

catching myself.


this week i am working furiously trying to get caught up…the past few weeks have been totally jam packed and i’m doing everything (including drinking lots of coffee – a drastic measure i assure you!) to get all of the thousands of fabulous photos edited, blogged, and to my clients as fast as possible! i have 2 more engagements and 3 weddings to blog, as well as a few fun images from the wieblab i attended last month.

while editing lori + jamel’s *awesome* engagement session i came across this hilarious photo of us at eastern market last weekend! more proof that regardless of how crazy busy things get i really do have so much fun, and feel so very lucky that i have such amazing clients!

so, as i continue to work day + night until i clear my lightroom catalogue (is that even possible??), fighting technical failures, my cranky, full hard drive (sorry mac!) carpal tunnel, and fatigue, i just have to remember to catch myself before i get discouraged, and remember that i really do have the most rewarding job in the whole world.



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4 responses to “photo of the day: outtake!

  1. Cef

    So creative, I love this one.

  2. mamasita

    ah ha! caught you working! great shot…still looks like too much fun to be work…

  3. You are a machine! You can do it!!

  4. this shot rocks hard. can’t wait to see all of the awesome pictures :)

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