michelle + jerry: engagement.

michelle + jerry are one of the busiest couples i know! factor in everything they are busy doing + my maniacal schedule and it’s no wonder we haven’t been able to do an engagement shoot yet! yesterday we finally caught up and i got the chance to photograph them together – for all of 15 minutes! they were en route to a wedding and looking fantastic, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and got some great shots! i’m very excited for their late august vineyard wedding! can’t wait!




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4 responses to “michelle + jerry: engagement.

  1. Cef

    The happy couple! Can’t wait for the wedding…

  2. Miss Gale

    What great shots! If this is the preview of the wedding photos, then I cannot wait to see them. Only 4 1/2 months to go……

  3. Deanna

    You guys are adorable! Can’t wait to see you!!!

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