critical exposure: photo students!

dc elementary students develop an eye for photography.


yesterday i had another wonderful experience working with critical exposure – my absolute favorite educational organization in dc! currently they are partnering with cameras for kids, a fotoweek dc program, to conduct a school-based workshop at martin luther king elementary school. i was so excited to visit MLK and talk with the students about photography, discuss the techniques they are learning, and answer questions about being a photographer! we spent half of the time in the classroom looking at images and going over techniques, and the the other half walking around the neighborhood taking photos! the students took turns on both sides of the camera – everyone seemed as excited about modeling as they did about shooting – it was fantastic. in preparation for developing a photo essay, they worked on experimenting with different points of view, looking for leading lines, and thinking about the rule of thirds. i was so impressed with everything they have learned and how anxious they were to put it all into practice. i demonstrated a few of my techniques when shooting and had a total blast with them!















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critical exposure :: the power of photography

critical exposure :: gallery opening!

critical exposure :: in the classroom!

critical exposure :: photo students!



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5 responses to “critical exposure: photo students!

  1. Kate Allen

    I love your photos! So much laughter generated thru them with full self expression, what a gift you have. Claire is my wonderfully talented and compassionate neice. I’m privileged to be her aunt! way to go you two~with heart~ auntiek8

  2. those are great…fun kids! love critical exposure!

  3. Kat

    You are brilliant!!

  4. Now that looks like fun! Great photos and great cause.

    Angela Dion, Author
    LET’S TALK ABOUT RACE: A workbook for safe, honest and productive group discussions.

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