baby evan.

yay for baby evan and his super cool parents rachel + andy! i had the best time visiting with this new family on friday, for my very first newborn portrait/lifestyle session! evan is eight weeks old and so adorable! he has the most amazing eyes and a very expressive little face! when i arrived he was just waking up (he sleeps A LOT!) and rachel + andy stood over his crib and rachel sang to him as he woke up…i loved it! the three of them have such a great bond and make a fantastic family…i can’t wait to photograph them again very soon!








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6 responses to “baby evan.

  1. k.s.

    jealous. i want to squish him and poke him.

  2. Melissa

    amazing!! As usual :) I love the one with both parents holding each end of his body. The Dad will cherish the one of him sleeping in his arms!

  3. k.s.

    back to see evan. he still here. yay!

  4. jessi

    this is a cute baby.

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