the lost plays of tennessee williams.

i was so excited to attend the opening weekend performance of the lost plays of tennessee williams at the davidson/valentini theatre in hollywood a few weeks ago. my good friend and fantastic actor jason l brandt was part of the incredibly talented cast which performed three of williams’ recently discovered, one-act plays: mister paradise, the palooka, and tell sad stories of the deaths of queens. all three performances were stellar – compelling stories portrayed so vividly by the actors. following the performance, i photographed a few of the highlights of each play – it was a fabulous experience! thank you to the cast + crew: BRAVO!

the palooka:

mr. paradise:

and tell sad stories of the deaths of queens:



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2 responses to “the lost plays of tennessee williams.

  1. mama

    award winning photos! BRAVO…they are so captivating and you caught the very essence of the actors, i wish i were there!!! these are my favorite…by far…thanks for sharing your passion (it shows) love you, very happy & proud mama…

  2. Chris

    Everything Mama said I agree with and Jason is looking hot as ever! LOL

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