sundance film festival 2008.

i had a BLAST at the the 2008 sundance film festival in park city, utah last week. from the mountain scenery to the sheer energy of the festival i truly enjoyed my very first sundance experience, which fully surpassed any expectations i had as to what sundance would be like.

let me just say this: within two hours of landing in salt lake city i was in the same room with tom hanks.

shortly after entering the rose wagner performing arts centre – and seeing tom chatting up reporters – i heard from the director of sundance, the governor of utah, and film director sean mcginly, prior to the festival’s salt lake premier of the film – the great buck howard. tom hanks, one of the film’s producers, then introduced the cast + crew – including john malkovich, colin hanks, emily blunt, adam scott, tom arnold and others. it was fantastic.

and then, the movie!the great buck howard was a solid, stellar, quirky comedy. loved it.

afterwards we enjoyed mingling with the cast + crew at a private dessert reception (no cameras allowed, sorry! i was a guest for a change…) a phenomenal experience.

i did of course snag a few images in my non-paparazzi role as guest, not photog, for the evening…


the 2008 sundance tagline.

i observed the paparazzi for a change…(see tom hanks’ back, far left.)

great-buck-howard-04.jpg great-buck-howard-06.jpg
utah governor jon m. huntsman + actor/producer tom hanks.

tom hanks addressed the audience with as much charm and wit as the beloved characters he often plays.

colin hanks + tom hanks played father + son on screen as well.

colin hanks.

producer gary goetzman + actor john malkovich.

emily blunt, adam scott, and tom arnold.

the entire cast + crew – BRAVO!


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  1. k.s.

    i marry colin hanks. i run away from john malky. he scare me.

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