my favorite model.


he’s not just handsome…he’s incredibly patient! i took these shots of john yesterday in baltimore just before sunset, with my glorious 85 1.2…love the pics, love the lens.

john-8521.jpg john-852.jpg




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6 responses to “my favorite model.

  1. Denise

    what a handsome guy……(of course I am a bit partial when it comes to him)….and he is the best son any one could ask for. i am very proud!!!!!!!

    great pics Jaime. love you both.

    denise (a.k.a. mommy)

  2. The Zangs

    He is one of the most handsome-est salsa partners I’ve ever had!

  3. The Zangs

    P.S. This is totally Hannah talking and I wish there was one of Cef smiling because he’s got a GREAT smile!

  4. michelleandjerry

    He has a future if the trading thing doesn’t work out….

  5. Guy Maldari

    I’ve seen better heads on a mug of beer!!

  6. Cute and salsa dances!? Say what? Is he single? :)

    I met you a loooooooooong time ago at photographers’ HH at Rosa Mexicano, so just popping back in to check out the blog. Great stuff!!!

    Btw, I finally made the move to an SLR camera: loving it.

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