melinda + tim: married!

celebrate good times.

melinda + tim’s wedding was absolutely fabulous! between the incredible details, to the intimate ceremony, to the rockin’ dance floor and the late night trip to krispy kreme, i am completely in love with every image from this wedding! it was *super* hard to narrow it down (and therefore its taken me weeks to blog, sorry!) but here they are: melinda + tim: married! yay!

i’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with melinda and tim: last year they were the first couple i booked for 2008 and therefore have a very special place in my heart :) their engagement session was *so* much fun and i feel very lucky to have gotten a chance to get to know them better. their wedding was a perfect representation of their personalities and relationship: it was the ideal mix of classic elegance and extreme jubilation. melinda’s commitment to “lack of wedding nonsense” (her words, not mine!) was apparent in the relaxed, serene atmosphere of the entire day. however, after their first dance – which they finished with a high-five – the party got started! i’m so thrilled that the photos truly express the exhilaration of the reception…it was fantastic! the evening concluded with a stroll to dupont circle and a treat of hot donuts at midnight, and we were surprised and delighted to find a large brass band playing in the street. hundreds of people gathered around as tim twirled his bride and everyone cheered…

as they danced i knew this was the single most amazing thing that i’ve ever seen happen at a wedding and even now i get goosebumps just remembering it…melinda and tim, so happy, dancing under the streetlights to the rhythm of the band, totally in love, with the whole city watching.

congratulations melinda + tim: and thank you so much for allowing me to document your truly amazing wedding!
















* * * * *

5-star vendor review:

the tabard inn: fantastic venue!

joanna london: wonderful officiant from the washington ethical society.

alan oresky: violinist + mandolinist.



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19 responses to “melinda + tim: married!

  1. MK

    Nice!!!!! Love the Tabard Inn and birdcage veils and cute details!

  2. Sure looked like a fun wedding! Good times =)

  3. Cef

    love the expressions on their faces in the marriage certificate shot!

  4. Ben

    These are great! How did you get the one of the bride and groom in the spotlight? Did you use a flashlight?

  5. Tim's dad, Ben

    Great shots, as I knew they would be! You captured the moment, and you are very artistic with the lens! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. VB-C

    Excellent work, Jaime! The photos are wonderful (and now we can stop stalking your blog). :)Melinda’s M/Tim’s MIL

  7. keep stalking!! photos from the BBQ to come!


  8. Wife of the Worm

    Absolutely gorgeous and very much M&T!

  9. Diane

    Absolutely amazing!

  10. Melinda

    Woo hoo!!! Tim and I love them! Thanks for all of your hard work Jaime, we’re so happy that you were a major part of our celebrations.

  11. Those are awesome pictures. I love that they made a late night donut run!! haha!

  12. Jaime

    These pictures are amazing! They’re pure art.

  13. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Groom

    Jaime… words used to describe your photos after I sent the link to friends and coworkers: “Beautiful”, “Unreal”, “Stunning”, “Fabulous”, “Simply Wonderful”, “Magical”, “Gorgeous”, “Lovely”

    Reminds me of the critical acclaim quotes that announce new movies: “Unreal” —New York Times
    : ]

    Anyway, We love them. Can’t get enough of them. And we keep clicking for more .

    Wow, the street band… That was truly surreal.

  14. Kathy

    I can’t get over the beautiful lighting, artistic arrangement and just plain good subject matter!!! Wow–you’re the best I’ve seen.

  15. Sheryl Johnson

    I was the crazy girl in gold with her mouth wide open in that all girls shot, next to Mrs. Melinda Connor. These pics are amazing. I have now joined your blog b/c I enjoy your shots even though the people are complete strangers!

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