bashie + ari.

bashie’s wedding day started early at her suite at the courtyard marriott in hunt valley, where hair and make-up kicked off at 8am.
bashie has 4 younger sisters, one older sister, one sister-in-law, 2 brothers, and 4 nephews, all of whom were in the suite at some point (and at times, all at once) in addition to the stylist, makeup artist, her assistant, bashie’s mom and dad…it was totally crazy…and it was SO MUCH FUN!
i spent over 5 hours with the girls as they got ready, and it literally flew by.
wendy spealman expertly styled the perfect curls and glossy locks of all 7 girls, including the bride.
moving about the room and taking turns, they each had their makeup perfectly applied in gorgeous shades by chana benzaquen — by and far one of the best makeup artists i’ve ever worked with. both wendy and chana were so awesome, we all had such a good time with the girls, and by the time they were ready and in their dresses it was all we could do not to feel like they were our sisters as well!
it was a truly awesome day, and the excitement just kept building as we all moved on to the grand lodge to join the other two photograhers and two videographers (lots of talent joining forces) for formal portraits and to greet the 300+ guests.
what followed was one of the wildest, greatest, most exciting orthodox celebrations i’ve ever attended.
from beginning to end, it was a whirlwind of singing and dancing, and drinking and dancing, and cheering and hugging, and dancing…did i mention how much they danced?? luckily dave hernandez – one of the nicest guys and such fun – was capturing every moment on video.
i absolutely love being a part of traditional wedding celebrations, and again felt so honored to be involved in such an intimate and lively testimonial to love and family and life.
bashie and ari are young and in love; they have incredible families and friends, and their whole life ahead of them.
i wish them all the luck and happiness that the world can offer.
by the end of the night i was feeling totally exhilarated, and very lucky to have spent the day in such remarkable company…what an absolutely fantastic job i have.
thank you bashie for letting me be part of your day…it was a joy and a pleasure.
i can’t wait until the next sister gets married! woo hoo!




















*as mentioned, i was working for another photographer on this event. therefore, the images in this entry only are © bradley images*


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  1. MK

    looks like a total blast! see you thursday! woo! :-)

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