GO HOME POGUE MAHON sundance launch party.

one of my main jobs at the sundance festival last week was to cover the GO HOME POGUE MAHON launch party in park city. the film is a goldenhead + dying art productions collaboration, and the party featured hosts livingston webb + michael gerrior of goldenhead, sven kamm of dying art productions, as well as the film’s actors ryan cartwright + adam campbell. the incredibly talented musician jill stevenson performed a live session, and guests were entertained with an up-close falcon + hawk encounter.

trust me, it was a very interesting party…so happy to be a part of it!


hosts sven kamm + livingston webb.

jill stevenson gave a phenomenal performance.

go-home-pogue-mahon-party-02.jpg go-home-pogue-mahon-party-20.jpg



the hawk (above) and falcon arrived around 11pm…

nicole dimauro was the first to embrace the fierce hawk as a friend.

actor jason l brandt gave the hawk a serious stare down.

go-home-pogue-mahon-party-07.jpg go-home-pogue-mahon-party-12.jpg
hannah crowley admires the hawk and talia rogers braves the falcon.


go-home-pogue-mahon-party-14.jpg go-home-pogue-mahon-party-13.jpg
guests wore thick gloves to protect their hands from the bird’s crazy large talons.

actors adam campbell + ryan cartwright steered clear of the hawk/falcon business…

pariya kaligi, publicist extraordinaire.

what’s a party without lots of brazilian girls?

*guests* to see complete photos from the event click here.


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One response to “GO HOME POGUE MAHON sundance launch party.

  1. k.s.

    hawk stare at me. make me nervous. not as much ask j.m. does.

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