the jefferson.

silent night.


spring has sprung, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and dc is literally brimming with tourists. the most popular destination for the next two weeks is the tidal basic, flanked by the iconic pink blossoms and presided over by the magnificent jefferson memorial. during daylight hours the tidal basin is speckled with thousands of visitors, but at 1am last night the entire area was deserted. on my way home from katie + bob’s wedding, i detoured along constitution and looped around the memorial, stopping on ohio drive to snap this shot through the archways of the bridge. love! i’m heading into the chaos today for an awesome session, and while i know it will be super crazy fun to be in the mix of all the energy, there’s always the part of me that loves the district when it stands perfectly still – when it feels like it’s mine alone and i don’t have to share it with anyone.


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