blowing bubbles and hiding from the paparazzi.

i try to tell paul that he’s simply too cute to hide from my camera. 

however, i realize it’s even cuter when he does hide from it!




Filed under children, family, just for fun, photography

8 responses to “bubbles.

  1. Chris

    Love his blue eyes!

  2. Cef

    this guy is priceless!

  3. Nicole

    i’m stealing paul. stat (stat means now)

  4. Georgie Matusik

    There…u did it again…what a talent and good eye for beauty!!!can’t wait for the wedding pix-es…if there r as good as Paulika’s, well then i’m getting married mysef and u’ll be the photographer…batteries anyone?

  5. nicole i have first dibs!!
    love this boy!

  6. jessi

    i looooove paul, he says i’m his girlfriend well… until luci came along. haha.

  7. he’s so cute! your kid pics ROCK.

  8. but i want to see them BIGGER!!!!!

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