timothy: lifestyle session!

oh baby!


baby timothy is THE definition of a “bundle of joy”! this jubliant little boy is about to celebrate his first birthday and i am so happy i was able to spend the afternoon documenting his amazing expressions, adorable giggles, and fabulous smile! one of my favorite couples ever – katie + chris (you can recognize them from the renowned “bench photo” in the blog header!) – gifted this lifestyle session to timothy’s parents…so awesome! i *love* when people purchase gift certificates for friends + family – it’s such a meaningful present and i love being part of something extra special!

even more awesome, i actually met timmy as a brand-spankin newborn when he attended katie + chris’ wedding almost a year ago! i remember seeing his mom and this tiny baby bundle standing quietly just outside of the tent, separate from all the dancing and craziness of the reception. i’m always amazed at teeny newborns, and i loved that just days into his life timmy attended of the most rocking weddings ever!

newborn timothy at katie + chris’ wedding, may 2008.

fast forward almost one year later when i get to meet timmy again – this time he is full of personality, excitement, and such amazing energy!

happiness is laying in the grass on a spring afternoon, snapping away as a beautiful baby marvels at the world around him…thank you to timmy’s parents for welcoming me into their home + lives, and thank you to katie + chris for making this session happen!














one happy family!



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7 responses to “timothy: lifestyle session!

  1. cutest. baby. ever. so happy! great work, jaime. :)

  2. Those are amazing! What an absolutely beautiful baby!!

  3. Katie

    OMG!! Timmy really is THE CUTEST baby EVER!! And Jaime really is THE BEST photog EVER! I knew it after the wedding but, reconfirmed. Chris & I can’t wait to adorn our pad with one of these pics — and of course to celebrate Timmy’s 1st bday!

  4. Molly

    Jaime you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously we all know Timmy is one of the cutest babies ever, and you captured every single smile, giggle, and sparkle of those blue eyes. Great job, you really are the best!

  5. kseidlphoto

    oooh so so so cute!!

  6. Narda

    What a gorgeous session!!!

  7. what an adorably perfect baby!! incredible shots, girl. you totally rocked this session.

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