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james: lifestyle family session!

adrienne + steve = james. excellent formula.

oh, james!

james is one seriously cool kid and he’s oh so incredibly adorable!  i had the absolute best time ever running the streets of annapolis after this little guy – he was super adventurous climbing all over and exploring everything. truth be told, he started the session a little skeptical of me – giving me some super serious looks, but i totally won him over (check out the high-five he gave me below!) and managed to get some sweet smiles and a few laughs! i mean, the kid is seriously stylish – and with his cool outfit, big blue eyes, and super blonde locks, i fell in love with him immediately. let’s be honest – he’s the cutest thing ever with a personality to match. proof: we’re walking downtown and james wanders into a bar to start dancing…turns out he loves to dance…to frank sinatra no less…*smitten*!

i *love* family sessions!


…and i even managed to sneak just a few of james’ parents being so very cute together! *love* these two!

and the sweet high-five! thanks to my intern/mentee renee higdon for this awesome capture!



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bella: littlest heroes session!

the littlest heroes project!

a few weeks ago, i had  the opportunity to document another session for the littlest heroes project – an outstanding organization that matches photographers with families of children who suffer from a serious illness or life altering disability. you can read more about their mission and the families on their website :: :: the program became so popular this year that they were fielding thousands of requests a week, and as a result stopped accepting applications earlier this fall. they are currently working through their growing pains, and will resume in february 2010.

bella’s mom had contacted me this spring about setting up a session, however between our hectic schedules and my crazy travel plans, we were just able to get together this fall. i was very excited to meet them after the last few months of emails, and decided to honor their session regardless of the organization’s hiatus. and i’m so glad i did! bella is an amazing + energetic 2-year-old little girl with a fantastic, loving family. i feel so lucky to have spent the morning watching them have fun together!

bella’s inquisitive nature + sassy little personality made her a joy to photograph – and i especially loved watching her squeal with delight and laugh with her brother + parents! her down syndrome poses certain challenges, but from what i saw, doesn’t limit her ability to enjoy every moment and have fun with her family. she’s as sweet as can be and super smart and she totally brightened my day!



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abrianna + zoe: lifestyle family session!

love + laughter.

i simply had the best afternoon photographing this family! we were so lucky to have warm november weather and lots of smiles + laughter from abrianna + zoe!

their dad, kevin, contacted me a few weeks ago to arrange a shoot for all his girls and i was so excited to meet them! i absolutely *love* when men get in touch with me and are super excited about a session – there’s something wonderfully special about that in my opinion :) *plus* there was so much love in this family that i really felt so lucky that they found me – spending time with them was a wonderful experience. there are so many times that i feel like my clients truly make me a better person just because i get the chance to know them – and this session was one of those times.

i met them at their home where i met the coolest (and bigget!) cat ever – freddo! abrianna showed me her room and her artwork and then read to her little sister zoe, keeping her entertained and making her laugh like crazy. they played on their swingset and explored the backyard before we all headed down to the c&o canal for some casual family portraits.

i couldn’t be happier with these images – they totally depict how fun + awesome their session was! enjoy!

freddo rules.


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critical exposure: photo students!

dc elementary students develop an eye for photography.


yesterday i had another wonderful experience working with critical exposure – my absolute favorite educational organization in dc! currently they are partnering with cameras for kids, a fotoweek dc program, to conduct a school-based workshop at martin luther king elementary school. i was so excited to visit MLK and talk with the students about photography, discuss the techniques they are learning, and answer questions about being a photographer! we spent half of the time in the classroom looking at images and going over techniques, and the the other half walking around the neighborhood taking photos! the students took turns on both sides of the camera – everyone seemed as excited about modeling as they did about shooting – it was fantastic. in preparation for developing a photo essay, they worked on experimenting with different points of view, looking for leading lines, and thinking about the rule of thirds. i was so impressed with everything they have learned and how anxious they were to put it all into practice. i demonstrated a few of my techniques when shooting and had a total blast with them!















* * * * *

critical exposure :: the power of photography

critical exposure :: gallery opening!

critical exposure :: in the classroom!

critical exposure :: photo students!


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gracyn + kimsey: lifestyle session!

new baby + new big sister!


hello baby gracyn!

this delightful 4-week old baby girl was such a joy to photograph. i loved spending the morning with her + big sister kimsey (don’t you just *adore* their gorgeous names?) – it was a joy watching their amazing mom shannon swoon over them! shannon is good friends with the fabulous kristin demarco – nursery designer + mommy extraordinaire – so it was no surprise that i fell in love with shannon + her girls immediately.

i love seeing mothers interact with their children – there is something wonderfully overwhelming about witnessing that kind of limitless, unconditional love. plus, seeing such tiny perfect replicas of people always excites me! i am totally, completely in awe of babies, families and everything and i feel so lucky to document their lives!






i LOVE this image!








and because i think there is nothing *cuter* than a crying baby…



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baby chase: newborn session.

hey baby!

baby chase, 9 weeks.

hello (again!) baby chase! just a few weeks ago i met chase for the first time when he was just 5 weeks old! he was cute as could be, but sleepy and hungry during our session! i captured some serene photographs but wanted a little more action, so i popped back over last week for a quick visit and was amazed at how much he had changed! in just a few weeks his little lips are so full, his eyelashes are gorgeously long (aren’t they always on little boys?) and he was far more interested in my camera than before. he grinned and pouted, laughed and yawned, and passed out right at the end…as if on cue :)


:: chase, 5 weeks ::




:: chase, 9 weeks ::











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