bella: littlest heroes session!

the littlest heroes project!

a few weeks ago, i had  the opportunity to document another session for the littlest heroes project – an outstanding organization that matches photographers with families of children who suffer from a serious illness or life altering disability. you can read more about their mission and the families on their website :: :: the program became so popular this year that they were fielding thousands of requests a week, and as a result stopped accepting applications earlier this fall. they are currently working through their growing pains, and will resume in february 2010.

bella’s mom had contacted me this spring about setting up a session, however between our hectic schedules and my crazy travel plans, we were just able to get together this fall. i was very excited to meet them after the last few months of emails, and decided to honor their session regardless of the organization’s hiatus. and i’m so glad i did! bella is an amazing + energetic 2-year-old little girl with a fantastic, loving family. i feel so lucky to have spent the morning watching them have fun together!

bella’s inquisitive nature + sassy little personality made her a joy to photograph – and i especially loved watching her squeal with delight and laugh with her brother + parents! her down syndrome poses certain challenges, but from what i saw, doesn’t limit her ability to enjoy every moment and have fun with her family. she’s as sweet as can be and super smart and she totally brightened my day!




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6 responses to “bella: littlest heroes session!

  1. these are sooooo cute! she is absolutely adorable…i love the shot of her on the bed with her family and coming down the slide with her brother:) i can almost hear the laughter! nice work himay!!

  2. Gina

    Absolutely precious! Great pictures of all of you!!! WOW!

  3. ksp8s

    omg. this has to be one of my fave lifestyle sessions yet. i’m in love with their little faces. how happy is she? so cute.

  4. KristinD

    you are such a wonderful person. Of course, the photos are beyond fantastic!! xoxo

  5. Peggy

    Bella’s a sweet little sprite and that’s captured here. My favorite is Ms.B. sitting on Mom’s shoulders, thinking about her next escapade!

  6. emilyadamiani

    I love SO MANY of these photos!!! Bella and her mom would be great at modeling clothing together!

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