liz + stew: married!

rock you like a hurricane.

hurricane hannah and all her fury couldn’t stop liz + stew from celebrating and having an absolutely fantastic wedding last weekend!

from the moment i met these two i knew the wedding was going to be a wild celebration: liz is from portugal and stew is from louisiana – their families + friends traveled from all over to celebrate in true cajun/portuguese fashion! aside from the stunning newlyweds, all the attention was on their absolutely adorable twin boys, zac + tyler! the little guys were so great all day, from strolling down the aisle to dancing + eating cake: they had the time of their life! 

family is so very important to liz + stew, and they are so lucky to have such an amazing one. they are incredible parents and so in love with each other, i just don’t think they could possibly be any happier. liz never stopped smiling and stew never stopped dancing, and i’m pretty sure they’ll spend the rest of their life celebrating, because in each other they have truly found happiness.






liz + stew i had a blast! thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. i know you had a fabulous honeymoon in st. lucia and i’m so excited for you to embark on married life! congrats!



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15 responses to “liz + stew: married!

  1. That’s a kick-ass rain shot! LOVE the happiness in the middle of such a chaotic moment!

  2. MK

    pretty dress! lovin’ all those cute kids and everyone has a HUGE smile!

  3. Liz

    Thank you so much for capturing my day. You are so incredibly talented! You made that gray day look so bright :) You are the best!

  4. Jamie

    What a celebration! Shan and I had a great time and are so thankful to you both for allowing us to be a part of such a big moment in your lives! Liz you looked like a Princess from start to finish, no hurricane could get in your way. Fabulous photos! Definitely captured the wonderful moments!

  5. Shantel

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. Liz, you and your family are stunning. Congrats on a beautiful day and a lifelong adventure! We are so sorry we couldn’t make it up for your day!

    Congrats Liz & Stew…

  6. Joan Adduci

    Liz and Stew, I’m so happy for you and for all of our family. What a combination, Louisiana and Portugal. Thank you for letting me take care of my precious grandsons while you two honeymooned. That was as exciting as the wedding. I love you all too much!

    Jaime, girl you are the bomb!

  7. Meredeth Kleve

    Liz & Bubba, your love is so evident not only in your photos but in the faces of the boys and the family! We had a GREAT time and wish you all the happiness a marriage can bring! Love Dee

    Jaime, where were you when I got married!! The pics were great!

  8. Shan Clouden

    These photographs are utterly AMAZING! Such talent you have. I can’t wait to see the rest. I grabbed your card for mine and James’ wedding ;-) It was a lovely wedding! The rain wasn’t even a factor. Liz and Stew, you are both fantastic individuals and your love *glows* for all to see. Thank you for having us there on your special day. You looked like royalty. !CONGRATS!

  9. Kevin Conway

    Great pics! Congratulations!

  10. Stew

    Jaime, I’m not even gonna qualify this statement by putting the word “wedding” in there: You are absolutely the most gifted photographer I’ve ever met and we’re lucky to have found you… Thank you for capturing our day as only you could.

  11. STEW! thank you!! what an amazing compliment – you are both such incredible people and i’m so happy to have met you + our families and been a part of your wedding! :)

  12. Cari Deuterman

    I have to say…..that was the BEST wedding ever!!!!
    Mike and I had such a good time…Obviously evident in the picture where our devotion to wishing you years of “fertility” is captured by the lengths Mike went up my leg with the garter!! From one twin mom to another….this may mean triplets for you next time!
    Liz…. as I said to you, your beauty, apparent love and kindness brought me to tears (and I am not that kind of girl) Here’s to you Liz and Stew, for giving all of us girls hope….the fairytale life out there for us all!
    Jaime, should I ever tie that knot….you are the go-to blonde in my book!

  13. cari + mike: you two rocked my world with the garter show! awesome – possibly my fave photos ever… :)

  14. Aaron

    Liz and Stew– congrats!!! Jaime– great work on the photos!! It looks like everyone had so much fun and I’m not suprised one bit considering it was all captured by your observant eye! Tracy and I are so glad we reccomended you and would do it again and again!!


  15. kseidlphoto

    these are all awsome! but i love love love the umbrella shot in front of the door. niiice!

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