kimsey’s cowgirl birthday!

kimsey turns 2! yeehaw!

shannon + kimsey enjoying the pony rides!

yesterday i spent the afternoon with one of my favorite clients (shannon – kimsey + gracyn’s mom) photographing kimsey’s amazing cowgirl birthday party! her little friends + awesome family celebrated her turning 2 years old with pony rides, balloons, cowboy party hats and, of course, cupcakes!

shannon gets a HUGE gold star for party planning mom of the year – every detail was perfection, including her pony cupcake cake! yeehaw!

baby gracyn!

pony (cup)cake!

tiniest cowgirl ever!



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6 responses to “kimsey’s cowgirl birthday!

  1. these are absolutely adorable. how cute is that little bebe in the cowboy hat!

  2. lian yuen

    so cute! and sooo tempted to send her my red cowboy boots! :-)

  3. haha! how great! these are so cute! love the bebe in the little horsey sweater…and those CUPCAKES! did you get one? ;)

  4. cowgirl kimsey

    thank you for my beautiful photos, jaime!! my mommy is redecorating the kitchen with a western theme and canvas wraps of all us cowgirls!

    blonde cowgirls have more fun!

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  6. Hi! I would love to know where you got her adorable skirt!

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