bawlmer’s best hon!

hey hon!

charlene osborne, bawlmer’s best hon 2009  :: about faces day spa – towson, md.

baltimore’s best hon 2009 is hoping to snag the title of best new author in 2010! i was very excited to see the fabulous charlene last week and photograph her in all her hon glory for her upcoming book, due out in time for this year’s honfest! based on her life and experiences as a hon, the book features her writing along with stunning images from the year’s highlights, taken by her favorite photographers. i’m honored to be among the list – getting to know charlene has been a wonderful delight. she is an amazing & effervescent person and it’s a thrill simply being around her. i can say with conviction that she has truly embraced her hon character and represented baltimore to the fullest this last year and i can’t wait to see & read her book!

congratulations charlene!



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6 responses to “bawlmer’s best hon!

  1. Angel Allers

    Baltimore’s Best Hon Rocks!

  2. David Fox

    Love this Hon!!!!! The photos are perfect!! I can’t wait to read and look at this book!! Love this Hon!!!!!

  3. Jennifer Bittner

    Stunning . . . fabulous . . . need I say more?!

  4. Charlene

    Jaime – you are pure magic! Thank you!

  5. Cathy

    Lovely photos of a truly FABU Hon!

  6. Tommy El'

    The BOOK – Fabulous HON – absolutely beautiful and done in great taste. Charlene……you are…. without a doubt a true Bawlmer HON. The photos in the book are truly beautiful showing what fun in baltimore is all about.

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